A little bit more bragging :)The Kremlin is…

The Kremlin is confident Russia can compete with Elon Musk in space

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  1. I had this comment about that in the SpaceX group.
    From this article, SpaceX should expect Russia to begin the testing it did in 2015 in 2031. “In addition, flight tests of the ultralight rocket with the return of the first stage are planned to begin in 2031, the materials of the meeting of the expert council of the chairman of the military industrial commission on the development strategy of Roskosmos until 2030 follow.” It will take Russia longer to match where SpaceX was 2 years ago than it took SpaceX starting from scratch.https://ria.ru/science/20170331/1491244633.html

  2. Those guys just know how to steal money from budget sale oil and other raw material, even if they have money they don’t have infrastructure for it, in Russia all about stealing bribes how they can create something all their all rockets falling down because of poor quality

  3. Run for SpaceX’s money? You can always count on that good ol’ Russian confidence. Everybody’s going to end up partnering with SpaceX sometimes in the end, that’s what’s going to be happening next 10 years.

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